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Our Mission :The Choice & Consequence™ mission is to educate youth about the consequences of their health behaviors. We show the benefits of choosing wisely using real human organs and empower audiences of all ages to make positive health choices. You are at the authentic organ lady web site ™!



Help us keep our kids drug free! Donate Now Choice & Consequence™ is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity organization registered in Washington State.

“You’re my hero and you don’t even know it. Some friends invited me to a Rave this weekend & I might have gone if it weren’t for you.”-- Bethany

“One night out can change my life, or end it. I remember not being able to breath through that straw and I don’t want to live that way." --Michelle

"Thank you for my life." --Dustin

Teachers use “The Real Inside Story” (TRIS) as an enhancement to science, biology, health, physical education, and substance abuse prevention curricula. Choice & Consequence’s (CC) registered nurses use human organs, some healthy and others damaged by substance abuse, interactive activities, humor, storytelling, scientific facts and an unforgettable hands on component, designed to help youth contemplate their vulnerability around alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse, often a problem with young people!

Students put on gloves at the end of the 60-90 minute TRIS program and get to feel the difference between the organs, such as comparing a smoker, a marijuana user, and a healthy lung lobe, etc. It is CC’s policy that follow-up be provided for students after TRIS. To make this easy for teachers and fun for students, a Power Point presentation can be downloaded by clicking the Teacher Link after October 15, 2009.

This non-profit corporation has been formed to benefit youth, families and communities. Dedicated to the youth population, we have the passion to make an impact and improve the quality of life for those with whom we come in contact. Since Kathy Ketchum started the first organ program at Providence Everett Medical Center in 1989, over 325,000 youth in Washington, Oregon, & Montana have experienced TRIS.

Our long-term goal is to train registered nurses to deliver “The Real Inside Story” (TRIS) to classrooms across the United States and beyond! Our short-term goal is to have 35,000 youth experience TRIS this year. A TRIS five year longitudinal research project is currently under development and is expected to start in 2010.

All rights reserved. "The Organ Lady" ®, "The Organ Ladies" ®, & "The Real Inside Story" ® are registered trade names for Choice & Consequence ®.
Toll-Free: 1-866-ORGANS3 (674-2673)