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Our Mission :The Choice & Consequence™ mission is to educate youth about the consequences of their health behaviors. We show the benefits of choosing wisely using real human organs and empower audiences of all ages to make positive health choices. You are at the authentic organ lady web site ™!


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You can find other helpful information by clicking on the following links. Note that you will be leaving the Choice & Consequence web site. Please read privacy statement before clicking on the links.

Links (A-M)

Above the Influence
Encouraging youth to live above the negative influences in their lives and also be a positive influence on others.

Find Treatment
Finding a treatment facility near you

Helping youth understand the risks of substance abuse.

Indian Country Meth Campaign
Resources for American Indian/Alaskan Native

King 5 Evening Magazine
Click the link to view a video of the Evening Magazine segment about the organ ladies.

Media Campaign
Obtaining resources and links for Media Campaign partners, community groups, and the media; viewing TV, print, radio, and banner advertisements.

The purpose of the Anti-Meth Campaign is to prevent meth use, dispel the myth that meth treatment does not work, and get people who need help into treatment.

No Stank You
Get a free t-shirt!




Links (N-Z)

Parents at Work
Providing employers with information and resources on how to help keep their employees’ children drug free.

Parent Resource Center
The Partnership for a Drug Free America

Ready to Quit Guide: Youth
If you are ready to quit smoking, click here for a youth guide to quitting tobacco.

Spotlight on Underage Drinking
Preventing and reducing underage drinking.

The Anti Drug
Learning how to talk to teens about drugs and recognize signs/symptoms of drug use. (Available in multiple languages)

Tobacco-Free Kids
You can help change the tragic tobacco statistics as a Tobacco-Free Kids E-Champion! Ask your parents if you can join now.

Underage Drinking
Guide for families. Everyone can help!

You are not Alone!
Learn how alcohol and other drugs hurt everyone in a family (Learn how to feel safer and less stressed out, Find new ways to deal with hassles at home, Find hope, even if your parents don't change)

Youth Suicide Prevention
Finding drug prevention resources and ideas for classroom activities.

White House Drug Policy
Learning more about all different kinds of drugs. Drug fact sheets you can print out with the most up-to-date research results.

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