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Our Mission :The Choice & Consequence™ mission is to educate youth about the consequences of their health behaviors. We show the benefits of choosing wisely using real human organs and empower audiences of all ages to make positive health choices. You are at the authentic organ lady web site ™!


What We Can Do For You!

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Elementary School TRIS

Middle & High School TRIS

Pre-K through 3rd grade: The program for this age group is being revised and we expect it back in September 2010.

Grade 4-5: Compare healthy and damaged organs in a hands-on unit. Students learn how to keep friends and family safe through interactive activities.

You may schedule up to five presentations in one day. (60 minutes each)

Students compare healthy and damaged organs, participate in interactive activities, hear how your choices determine your life and about the importance of self care.

Storytelling is used to illustrate concepts. Students put on gloves and feel the difference between the organs.

You may schedule up to five presentations in one day (60-90 minutes each)

Community Events / Colleges

Corporate / Professional Conferences

Our nurses teach participants health fair style at community events, such as Girls to Grandmothers, Get Movin’, and National Night Out Against Crime. Participants don the gloves and feel the truth! Hospitals & colleges bring us in for Community Health Fairs and to teach classes for students who are planning on going in to the health professions.

Our nurses speak at youth, college aged and adult events. They do break out sessions and keynote addresses for you. Corporations bring us in for their health fairs and to do special seminars for employees, such as Port of Seattle , Perkins-Coie Law Firm, and Community Transit. Seminars are 60-90 minutes long, depending on crowd size, or can be done health fair style.

We’re Kickin’ Ash!

Motivational Speaking

Contract with us and put some SPARK in your tobacco cessation program! Our nurse will present TRIS as an enhancement to your tobacco cessation program. (45-60 minutes) Contracts for 4 or more sessions per year get a reduced rate. Call for details

If you need a positive, inspiring, funny presentation to wrap up your conference or safety stand-down or whatever... we deliver! Kathy and Colleen share their personal stories...

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